Toddler Leggings- Beach Bum

Toddler Leggings- Beach Bum

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Get Ready for some trendy soft comfortable 100% cotton leggings, covering those sweet cheeks. An overload of cuteness for your baby.

95% cotton

5% spandex

Made to Fit




Get ready for some beautiful babies and trendy toddlers! The bold patterns and bright colors of our infant leggings cover those “tweet cheeks” and chubby legs with both cuteness and comfort. Choose from thirteen designs--bear, moose, skunk, owl, bird, beaver, horse, lobster, whale, deer and cow--each stretchy and loose in the caboose to allow for bulky diapers. When it comes to baby ba-zing, our leggings are just the thing! 100% cotton. Sold individually with hanger - See more at: